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Data is beautiful.

As any designer coming of age in the era of Alex McDowell (Designer of Minority Report, among others) I was fascinated by how we as designers can tell stories with data. How we can pull back the layers of UI to let data delight and intrigue users, encouraging them to learn and explore.

To that end I've worked across social sampling, electronic health records (EHR), heart and diabetes monitors (for both users and doctors. One to monitor – another to triage), genetic reporting, state health reporting, multiple health insurance dashboards, and more.

In each and every one of those products there was beauty in truth waiting to be illuminated, each datapoint falling in place to tell a story.

This dashboard monitored long-term health insurance records for insurance customers. Spider graphs were used to map high-risk factors into ink-splotches that could be triaged at a glance – especially once an employee learned the (literal) shape of what trouble looked like.

This could be cross-filtered and broken down into categories – such as RX Severities (high risk medications, bad interactions) and Claim Severity (How much would this person cost to put on end-of-life care? Do they have support?) Using these tools, their servicer could choose to intervene and give them additional support.

A recent fun personal project, some of the scant work from the last 5 years that isn't under NDA!

Designing for incremental improvements over time on a single feature, in this case, assigning an achievement in an rpg.

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