Usertesting & Storytelling

Advocating for users with design

You can’t design if you don’t know who you’re designing for.

More than a persona or a demographic, a user is your expert for the design problem that you’re trying to solve. If you aren’t speaking with them directly, and often, then you’re missing out on a critical resource.

I've conducted dozens of qualitative and quantitative surveys, interviews, and studies over my time as a UX designer, more recently expanding into longitudinal studies with the same users throughout production of a product. Every interaction has enriched my work and my understanding of a particular challenge.

Helping the rest of the team derive value requires some creative approaches – and for that there's diagrams, workflows and at times even animations. (For the especially story driven stakeholder.)

Depending on the team and their needs, I try to make sure they're getting the clearest, most relevant view into a user study and ensure that the rest of the interviews are available for additional deep dives.

Of course, discovery is only the first step. There's seldom a point in a product lifecycle where user feedback and research won't make help pave the way towards a better outcome.

Paper prototypes become pixel. Pixel protypes become live testing. Each junction offering a higher fidelity of feedback and new avenues to improve and build from. If I come to a point where I feel like I might have to guess at a workflow or answer, I know it's time to build out a test. Why guess when you can know?

And besides, there's few things better than coming back to test with a user who recognizes a feature they suggested and being able to say 'hey, we listened!'

Tired of being surprised when users trip over a new awesome feature? Need someone to help tranform your complex filtering tool into a delightful, user-tested toggle? Just want someone to help you tell a story informed by real data?

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