Oh, hello there!

Grab a drink, pull up a chair. Let me share a small secret about myself.

When I was in grade school I'd smuggle pomegranates into school to pick and eat. If not that, clay moulded under the desk. Anything and everything to keep my hands busy. In the right classes I could even get away with drawing, which was how I occupied them best. 

In the meantime I've gotten decent enough at it to turn a half-bearable portrait. It's a good trick for free drinks at the bar or a way to get to know a coworker better over lunch. They tell me a story, I draw them a portrait, or whatnot.

Occasionally, I even get to do it for work, sometimes I even get to do it quite a bit. But usually I tend to draw for myself.

One last secret – occasionally, I also make props.

Why don't you tell me a story about yourself?