Let’s Talk Design Diplomacy

I’m an evangelist for user-centric design, and I believe getting it right means harnessing the talents of your whole team – using design to help bring them together, and empowering them to move quickly and find creative satisfaction in their own roles.

With 13 years of professional experience in UX and product design across companies like Games Workshop, Walgreens/Boots, and FundApps, my bread and butter is bringing together the client with dev, design, and product to create successful and fulfilling projects.

I run workshops and classes on

- Design tool basics (Figma, Adobe, prototyping, building workflows)

- The value of UR and how to do it

- Design workshopping with your team

I tend to run these for internal teams, but I've also ran public seminars, and workshops at MIT and others.

You can check out my current talks below, and if you're interested in having me speak at your university or conference – do get in touch!

Design Products Clients Love

With Dungeons and Dragons metaphors.

Stop guessing and turn User Research from a step in the design process – into the bedrock of your product, a guiding light for what's next, and the best part of the job.